Om oss

Välkommen till Rosenhills Trädgård och Café!

En vacker trädgård fylld av vår unika atmosfär, härsådda grödor, trevligt folk och god mat.

För den som vill ha lite fakta har vi (aningen slött) tagit lite av den info på engelska som finns på vårt WWOOF-konto :

Area of property: 8.00 hectares

Certified Organic:  Yes – KRAV

Methodologies: Composting, Green manure

Practices: berries, bread making, energy production, gardens, flowers, gardens, vegetable, gourmet cooking, greenhouse, orchards, seed saving

Animals: cats, pigs and some birds

Products made: bread, bread, gluten free, cider, jam, Juice, Lemonade, preserves, Vegetables

About a century ago Emilia’s grandfather founded the garden and planted the first apple trees. Since then the place, like all the farms around, played a role supplying our capital Stockholm with vegetables, fruit and berries. In the beginning the products were carried by steamboats but from about 1925 it was possible to use the roads. In 1978 Emilia’s parents opened a small juice factory to take care of fallen apples that could not be sold in the market. Since there is a good tradition around to plant apple trees in the garden when you build a house, it was soon found by other ‘apple owners’ who wanted to make juice from their harvest. Thirsty people came from all around to get the golden drink. When we, by the end of the last century, chose to take care of this place, we decided to turn the gardening into organic. We also found that it was a good idea to concentrate on letting people come here to get good fruit and vegetables, rather than sending these products to the market in town.

To draw more people to us we started a café and began to sell other things. We also found that the garden, due to its relaxed atmosphere, was a very nice meeting place. It was therefore a natural thing to give parties and arrange other gatherings here.

One tradition is to hold a party every Saturday from midsummer until the end of august. The live music played during these varies from jazz to ethnic to rock´n roll and are usually very nice. During recent years however there is more often a private wedding or other ‘external’ party going on. Another tradition is to arrange a flea-market (car boot sale) in the parking field every Sunday from May until September.

So, these days we operate as an organic and partly biodynamic farm and apple orchard, with a beautiful garden that supplies and inspires our seasonal kitchen, creating an enticing café and relaxing, alternative place that many customers return to again and again to experience. We also have a boutique and ‘kitchen-garden-shop’ where we sell our vegetables, fruits, bread, honey, jams, pickles, preserves, cordials etc. (made using the gardens produce). When the apple season arrives at the middle of August, we come into full action with the ‘Musteri’ (juice factory) as well.

For the café, garden, musteri, events and weddings we have a big, ever-evolving family of permanent staff, but as a wwoofer you will work together with us to keep all these elements rolling and spinning, helping out where needed and also driving yourself. It is a very dynamic place, so it is easy to find your own strengths and an area that you thrive in.

Smoking is permitted (except in café areas), but any use of illegal drugs is absolutely forbidden.

Finally maybe you want to know something about the more permanent crew here. Emilia (inspiration) who was born here isn´t with us anymore but truly lives on in all of the beauty she gave this world, Lars her husband, Jenny (gardener), Valentijn (fixer), Ida , Carola, Clara and Clara, Sietske, Tinh, Vita, Noumaan, Sophia, Fredrik …to name some staying here during this winter (21/22). Sometimes showing up: our lovely kids: Erik 31, Evelin 29 and SagaFreja 20 years old. the great café-kitchen-musteri-garden staff: lots of wonderfull people….