If you are thinking about joining us for a WWOOFing experience, you might have some questions. Here are some that others had…

How do I get to you?
Take a look at the information on: ”welcome to rosenhill garden

What hours will I be working each week? How much spare time will I have?
You will do about 6 hours of work per day, 5 days a week.

Do I need to bring bedding or anything specific?
Could be good to bring a sleeping bag, otherwise just your “normal” personal stuff. Some warm clothes are always smart to have; rainboots are also a big plus! If you don´t have a sleeping bag we will provide you with bed linen.

Do you have washing facilities for my clothes?
We have both a washing machine and a dryer.

Where am I staying and what is available for me?
You will be staying in either a bus, a cabin, a caravan or in a dormitory – depending on what is available at the
time. Tenting is also an option if you bring one.

Showers/kitchen etc?
There is kitchen and shower that you can use. Regarding the kitchen we have a food-making group that prepares
the meals every day.

Breakfast at around 8.00, after which we often have morning meetings in the different teams at 8.30. lunch
somewhere between 12 and 2 PM and dinner between 6 and 8 PM. There will always be something vegetarian. If you need some special diet you let the kitchen crew know about it. Everything is normally possible if it isn´t a plain oyster-, lobster or other weird diet.

I’m currently learning Swedish. Will there be opportunity to practice and improve with you?
Absolut! The most used language around here is English, but we are a big bunch of Swedish speakers here as well. We’ll gladly help you improve your language skills!

How many other WWOOFers do you take over the summer?
During the season we will have around 30 WWOOFers, around 5 to 15 at a time.

Will I have access to a bike/transportation?
There are bikes around for you to borrow (sometimes need to be fixed though). For transport to town we recommend public transportation. There is a bus stop 800 meters from here. The bus takes you to the subway. From there it’s a short ride into town.

What do you sell in your shop?
Depending on the season we sell different vegetables and fruit, jams, apple juice, other food stuff, “things”…

What kind of work will I be doing?
This of course depends on the season. You will for at least one week at a time be joining either of three ”teams” – Kitchen/café , garden or musteri.

The kitchen/café team work with food preparing, serving, keeping the café and kitchen area clean, dishwashing,
making food for the crew.

Among the tasks in the garden team are planting, weeding, harvesting, preparing the ground but also some repair work…

The musteri team makes apple juice, mainly for customers who bring their own apples. Also keeping the musteri clean is the task of this team.

Is there access to WIFI?

Will you teach me as I go along, so that I can work with you?
Of course! We share a lot of the tasks you will be doing so you’ll learn as you go. Many things that we do here don´t need much introduction. Other things are more complicated or could be better explained than we sometimes tend to do . If you, when you are here, don´t think you get enough knowledge, please let us know.
Our primary interrest is often to get things done but you might have a hunger for learning, which will be better satisfied if we know about it.

What is your policy regarding drugs?

Drugs that are not legal in Sweden are not allowed at Rosenhill. Alcohol in decent amounts and smoking tobacco is allowed in restricted areas. Regarding illegal drugs in Sweden, cannabis is one of them and generally all nacotics that are not prescribed by a doctor of medicine.